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Story About Koele Coconut Chips  
In traditional Hawaiian culture, the natives would find a plot of land that they believed would produce the most succulent, bountiful harvests. Their goal was to appease their residing chief, as everything grown within the boundaries of this magnificent garden was for his nourishment only! They called this lush area of vegetation the Ko’ele (pronounced ko-ay-lay).
While having ideal soil and climate conditions certainly helped contribute to the abundance of each harvest, additional measures were taken to ensure that their chief’s palate was satisfied. The villagers tended to the Ko'ele around the clock, with constant care and loyal observation. Their tireless effort was rewarded with a robust yield of juicy, delectable fruits and vegetables all year-round
Made of coconuts selected from the best tropical islands the world has to offer, Koele Coconut Chips are hand-cut and triple-baked to a crunchy perfection. Like the chief’s farmers of ancient Hawaii, we put a great deal of passion and intensity into the production of our snacks.
Koele Coconut Chips... Enter Paradise!


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